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Spontivly platform has enabled our team to combine multiple high-value add services for our community, like an alumni database and session library, into one place.

— Rob Ironside

Director of Acceleration Programming @ League of Innovators

The analytics power of a tech giant that's as easy as a light switch - just turn it on and it works!

— Patrick H.

Review on G2

We would never be able to have all our key metrics in one place without Spontivly.

— Verified User in Sports

Review on G2

Transformed understanding of our network and activity! Easy to implement, easy to use with a fun UI!

— Verified User in Non Profit Organization Management

Review on G2

Spend time where it counts

Platform integrations available
Faster automation workflows
Data points available to pull
How It Works

Make the data work for you

Connect your community’s platforms

Search and find all your tools in our integrations marketplace.

Use one easy-to-use hub for all your tools
Integrate seamlessly with 120+ platforms and counting
See your data in real-time
Build and Customize

Customize your dashboard’s aesthetic and layout in seconds to make your objectives clear.

Fit for all experience levels
Whitelabeled charts and dashboards fit for your brand
Select from various charts, maps, graphs, and tables
Generate and Share Dashboards

Automate, generate, and share dashboards across teams with ease.

Align and clarify your company’s objective across teams
Boost overall efficiency across departments
Find and create insightful company KPIs faster

Make the data work for you

Increase customer loyalty and retention
Develop a stronger sense of belonging and emotion attachment to your brand.
Boost customer lifetime value
Engage with your community to boost retention rates and increase selling opportunities.
Lean into user-generated content
Showcase positive feedback, discussions, and content to increase conversion rates.
Curate high-reward events for your members
Make the most of your future events. Use cross-platform insights to create experiences that add more value to your community.
Engage with key brand ambassadors
Leverage the data you have to identify, so you can engage with the users who interact with your brand the most.
Connect the dots across platforms
Determine where your users are coming from. Identify impactful growth opportunities with traffic across platforms.
Create a community of helpers
Reduce low-level support requests and lessen the burden on your support team by empowering brand ambassadors.
Discover major problems, bugs, and discrepancies instantly
Perfect and streamline your customer support process by identifying problems right as they arise.
Support other members experiencing similar problems
Identify similar pain points to create a smoother experience for your users.
Channel your feedback to better your product
Create structure to your support system to better allocate your company resources
Reward top contributors 
Drive your company further by identifying your community’s strongest players and rewarding their contributions.
Create a collaborative environment centred on community
Connect brand ambassadors and members to further scale your product’s growth.

Over 120+ platforms and counting...

Unlock the bigger picture. Integrate seamlessly with your current and future company tools.